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Welcome to Smallwood Architects

We are a dedicated firm of Chartered Architects in London who are passionate about creating truly beautiful buildings for our clients.

With more than 35 years experience, we are always ready to listen carefully to our clients’ wishes and to design a home or other private space that will be ideally tailored to their unique requirements. We understand the importance of taking a consultative approach as we guide our clients through what can often be a complex process.

We genuinely listen and ensure that we fully understand what is needed.

You may wish to be advised about a small renovation to a Grade I Listed building, or require the plans for a major new home. You might be looking into alterations for a London townhouse, or be looking into building your dream family home in the country. Whatever the style or size of the project we guarantee that we will take the same professional and inspired approach. Our aim is always to design a building that surpasses expectations.

We achieve the highest standards of architecture thanks to our friendly, talented team, each of whom is devoted to creating stunning architecture. Our philosophy is that the outstanding architecture of the past can inspire the architecture of the present and both can be absolutely beautiful. We are renowned for using our exceptional experience, flair and attention to detail to create remarkable buildings. We have built an excellent reputation for quality that can be seen in our work throughout the UK and around the world. Our passion shows.

At Smallwood Architects, we are positive and proactive, pre-empting challenges before they arise and effectively communicating with all parties. We offer an end-to-end design solution, which means that we work with our clients along every step of the way, as required. If a client wishes us to help remodel internal spaces and liaise with their interior designer, we are always happy to oblige.

We are also entirely reliable and approachable, which goes a long way to ensuring that the process of creating a building remains enjoyable and rewarding for every client. We can help you from the very earliest stages of your project, helping to shape initial ideas into viable plans and from there into reality.

Our reliable and comprehensive service will ultimately ensure that you have the beautiful building that you desire. Should you wish to have further information about our services or if you wish to discuss a project please do not hesitate to get in touch. We are available on +44 (0)20 7376 5744 or you can email us through our contact form and we will be glad to assist.