Castle Refurbishment, Ireland

Over a 7 year period we worked with our London-based client to realise their ambitions to bring stylish contemporary living to a dilapidated 1820’s Irish castle whose enriched interiors had never been realised.

Within tight Planning constraints approval was obtained for major alterations to the Listed building interior, as well as major landscape works and the addition of new underground car garages.

The castle was transformed into a fantastic 21st century family home of the highest quality as a mix of contemporary and traditional design. Every space of the castle was considered and a major intervention made by the removal of the original main stair and its replacement with a new “flying” cantilevered stone staircase detailed in a traditional early 19th century manner. By removing a major wall to accommodate the new stair, light was brought into the centre of the formerly dark central hall.

New underground garages were excavated into a hillside and a new yard formed with castellated details taken from those of the original castle.



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